Правила направления, рецензирования, опубликования научных статей, сведения о хранении рецензий в издательстве - на английском языке


direction, review and publication of scientific articles

in electronic scientific periodicals

"Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis"

1. For publication in the journal received previously unpublished copyrighted material - research papers, review articles, relevant areas of peer-reviewed scientific publication "Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis":

19.00.01 - general psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology

19.00.05 - Social Psychology

19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology

19.00.13 - Development Psychology


• Problems of general and social psychology

• Psychology of Personality

• Psychology in Education

• Psychological counseling

2. Basic requirements for the content of copyright material. Research (practical) section. In the introductory part of the article must be justified by the relevance of the topic and the feasibility of its development (the solution of a scientific problem or problem) is given the goal of the study. In the main part of the article based on the analysis and synthesis of information should be disclosed processes of research problems and development topics are presented ways of getting results and the results themselves; given tasking, their decisions, given the necessary descriptions and explanations, evidence and reasoning. In the final part - summed up the work, draw conclusions, recommendations are given, the possible directions for further research.

Review article. In it, besides the general conditions, must be analyzed, compared, revealed the most important and promising areas in science (the practice), its individual branches, phenomena, events and so on. It is desirable that the material worn problematic character, demonstrated the existing conflicting views on development scientific (practical) knowledge. At the same time it must contain the conclusions of generalization, summary data.

General requirements. The contents of the article should have a scientific style. Title of the material must comply with its content and the opportunity to be brief. After the title, should be given information about the authors, compilers and other persons involved in work on the material (author's name, academic rank, academic degree, position or profession, place of work, contact information (email address) and the name of the city or country - for foreign authors.

Bibliography. Bibliography of the apparatus of the paper should be submitted bibliography at the end of the material (see "References"). The author is responsible for the accuracy of the information, the accuracy of quotations and references to the official documents and other sources. Foreign spelling given in brackets, except for references. Note. On the subsequent publication of materials in other publications the author is obliged to make a reference to the first publication in the journal "Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis" (name of the magazine, number, year).

3. Requirements to the original author.

To the Editor should be addressed to:

• text and computer original author in Russian with the indication of the intended heading;

• a brief summary in Russian and English, prepared in a text editor Microsoft Word;

• keywords for each publication in Russian and English languages;

• Links appear in the text in square brackets is used with reference to the literature, which should be placed after the text of Article (footnotes are not allowed).

The amount of the author's original least 6 p. And not more than 12 pages. Computer text A4, 1.5 spacing; size (size) 14. In this case, the built-in text illustrations should be submitted as separate files (not grouped).

4. The list of materials for submission to the Editor:

• the original article - on paper and electronic media;

• A completed application form with information about each author, indicating:

• surname, first name, middle name (in full);

• place of work, position;

• e-mail addresses.

5. Articles prepared by graduate students, candidates for a degree of candidate of sciences, applied only if: the written recommendation of the supervisor or head of department, reflecting the novelty of the scientific articles and stamped - 1 page.

The recommended form of drawing up a review of the article:

• FULL NAME. author (s) and position.

• Article title.

• The degree of relevance and scientific level of the content of the study.

• granularity material and the evaluation of the content.

6. All materials can be delivered to the Institute at:

Stavropol, Karl Marx Avenue, 7.

7. Terms of the review articles:

Issue mandatory review exercise (peer review) of all materials published in the magazine.

Regarding the revision of rejected articles provides authors reasoned review and conversation does not come.

General provisions

The procedure for reviewing the articles admitted to the journal "Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis", is aimed at ensuring the quality of published journal articles. Publication shall review all incoming materials to the editor corresponding to its category, with a view to peer review. The review should provide a comprehensive and objective assessment, analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the present article.

By reviewing involved as members of the editorial board, and third-party reviewers, with a PhD degree or PhD, is a recognized expert on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have for the past 3 years, publications on peer-reviewed articles, familiar with the requirements of the Editorial Board for published materials.

As a rule, the reviewer should not work in the same organization with the author (s) of the article. Revision tends to exclude "conflict of interest" between authors and reviewers.

Volume review is not regulated, but as a rule, must be placed in the 1-2 leaf typewritten text.

When a manuscript to the editor all the authors warned about the procedure of reviewing. The names and affiliation of reviewers edited were not disclosed.

Number of reviews submitted determined by the editors. Typically, for a decision on the publication, only one review. More than one reviewer is assigned when an article is made on the "junction" science or scientific fields. By decision of the editor in chief may be appointed as additional review after receiving the initial review.

Review articles in the journal "Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis" is not paid.

The procedure for review

All submitted manuscript to the editors recorded, after which they met the chief editor or deputy editor, who take the decision to send the manuscript to a member of the editorial board.

Members of the editorial board are entitled to review the manuscript, or to give suggestions about the direction of the chief editor of the article reviewer (reviewers) - a specialist on the subject of the peer-reviewed article.

Following the approval of the chief editor of candidates reviewer responsible secretary, in consultation with the reviewer sends him the text of the article in printed or electronic form (e-mail) and a cover letter.

The duration of the review may not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the article reviewer.

The reviewer is a review, at its discretion, in any form, or by the proposed edited form. Text version of the review is submitted in typescript with personal signature, or in electronic form with the mailing address of the reviewer.

The content of the review considered by the editorial board, which decides on whether:

• take an article to be published without any corrections;

• send the article for additional review;

• return the article to the author to correct the reviewers' comments;

• reject the article (with the obligatory motivation).

       Contributors necessarily familiar with the reviews, which the executive secretary of editorial author (s) is sent to the text of the review and cover letter as well as the text of the article with the comments of the editor needs some work.

The editors do not disclose information about the reviewer.

Editorial publications to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews of a reasoned refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science for admission to the editor of the corresponding request.

The author may submit a reasoned disagreement with the results of the review. The decision on further reviewing the accepted article chief editor or deputy editor.

If you agree with the reviewers' comments the authors have the right to modify it and re-submit the article. Authors are encouraged to submit a written response to comments from reviewer. This procedure is repeated review. The date of receipt of the article to the editor is the date of her last view after editing.

For minor observations that require only editorial changes, and with the consent of the authors, may be decided on the admission articles for publication.

Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial office for 5 years. The editors provide permanent storage of published scientific articles, their availability, in the prescribed manner to provide the required copies of the publication.

Content reviews

        The review can be written in any form, but must contain the following estimates:

• relevance of the issues addressed in the paper;

• Compliance with these results the stated subject of the article;

• completeness of the literature review; standards-compliant design pristateynyh references to the literature;

• scientific contribution of the authors: the existence and significance of new scientific results presented in the article, obtained by the author (group of authors);

• validity of the conclusions;

• there is a clear and understandable categorization;

• completeness, validity and accuracy of applied mathematical apparatus and theoretical positions;

• correctness of terminology, clarity, style of language;

• completeness and clarity of graphic material.

All notes for easy review and edited by the author (s) are grouped by items.

The review must end with a recommendation:

• the possibility of publication of the article without change;

• the possibility of publication of the application, taking into account corrections by the author (without re-review or re-reviewed);

• refusal to authors in publishing the article.

The final decision on the possibility of publication of the article takes the editorial board based on the received reviews (reviews) and a reasoned response author (s) of the article.

• All the reviews are stored in a publishing house and editorial office in writing within five years.

• Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science for admission to the editor publication prompted.

• The editors provide permanent storage of published scientific articles, their availability, in the prescribed manner to provide the required copies of the publication.